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First Choice Maids Services are Customized to YOUR Needs!

We know that a quality housekeeping service means different things to different people. Each and every one of our customers has unique requirements, and we customize our cleaning services checklist to meet their needs. For some, it may mean ensuring each knick-knack is replaced in the exact position after dusting. Others want us to use their cleaning supplies instead of ours. Many have not only a weekly checklist, but periodic duties such as cleaning windows, carpet cleaning, or their oven and refridgerator. Whatever your needs may entail, First Choice Maids can customize your cleaning plan!

Let us know what you want and expect! On our initial cleaning visit, while we walk through your rooms, tell us about any services you desire that aren't already on our checklists, including periodic services - and at what frequency.
First Choice Maids customizes the cleaning task list based on your needs. We follow this list for each and every housekeeping visit. If we notice something not on the list which needs attending to, we either resolve it, or notify you.
Needs change. You may have visitors coming, a party, or other changes affecting your plan. No problem! Call or email us your requirements, we'll ensure they're completed to your satisfaction on our next housekeeping visit.

Our goal is to provide housekeeping and cleaning services which meet all your requirements - giving you complete satisfaction! And the only way to provide that is communication with our dear and valued customers. Don't ever hesitate to call or email us about any of the services we perform - we're here to please you!

maid services checklist

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In all the rooms:

We dust and polish all tables and furniture. Any upholstered furniture is vacuumed. Knick-knacks, pictures, and wall hangings are dusted and cleaned. Window ledges are cleaned, and we dust blinds and vacuum drapes. Baseboards are cleaned, along with all door knobs and light switches. We vacuum all carpeted areas, and mop tiled, vinyl, and wood floors.

In the kitchen:

Counter tops, appliances, sinks, and faucets are all cleaned and polished. Cabinets and all areas are dusted and cleaned of fingerprints and grime. Any grease or food debris is removed from the stove top, and the inside of microwave ovens are cleaned.

In your bathrooms:

We clean and sanitize your toilets, tubs, showers, and sinks. All mirrors, counter tops, and faucets are polished, and any dust is removed. Cabinetry is wiped clean, and floors are washed by hand!

Other Services

Ask about our additional cleaning services!
  1. Window Cleaning
  2. Gutter Cleaning
  1. Fridge Cleaning
  2. Oven Cleaning